Monday, January 26, 2009

My Journey to Lakeshore, Part 2

It must have been late November 2005 my Pastor, Jeff Nettles, heard about Lakeshore Baptist Church. Word has it that Jeff heard from another pastor in Wisconsin who'd heard about Lakeshore from a friend in Texas.

November 28, 2005 I received the following email...
Hey folks, I received some emails this morning with more info on the Lakeshore Baptist Church project.

Several churches around the country are helping, and God is at work there! It is exciting to see that we can join in and serve God by blessing our brothers and sisters in great need.

Check out this link to get some more information. Pastor Don Elbourne Jr. write this weblog and you can check out the articles and links.

They've been meeting in a tent the past few weeks and they're hoping for a metal building to be shipped and put up soon.

Lakeshore Baptist will be needing some Christmas help, folks. Be in prayer about that.

Looking back who would have thought "several churches" would amount to over 500 churches in three and a half years, with over 10,000 volunteers coming through Lakeshore Baptist Church.

But that email would be the first of many more emails concerning Lakeshore. This I thought was an answer to my prayers for an opportunity to serve. And quickly resulted in me, with my pastor's assistance, planning a trip to Lakeshore during the university's Christmas break...

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