Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Journey to Lakeshore, Part 3

Preparation for the first trip was somewhat minimal...

In my conversations with Greg London prior to the trip he told us to be self-contained. There were showing facilities and port-a-lets on site. And because we were a small group and the only group that week we were allowed to stay in the quonset hut next to the distribution center. We did have to bring our own food and cook for ourselves, that was not a problem!
So January 9th eleven college students packed into a van a headed toward Lakeshore, about an 18 hour trip. We arrived late in the evening and though it was dark saw nothing but devastation all around us. My heart sank and I was unsure of how to feel.
That week would would spend most of our time on the church property. Some working in the distribution center and some inside the metal church buildings (putting up walls and building stairs). Others worked off site sanding sheetrock at the Ward's home.

It was a joy to meet the people in Lakeshore - Pastor Don, James, Mrs. Bea, Mrs. Lynn. And we were pleased to do anything that needed doing...including delivering sheds that arrived on a semi late at night until some crazy hour in the morning...But it was a privilege to be here in Lakeshore.
We returned from Lakeshore January 14th, but I was already to head back down. I hated to leave, but had to get back to school. Spring break was just around the corner, however, so I worked on planning another trip south...

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