Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Journey to Lakeshore, Part 4

My second trip to Lakeshore happened in March of 2006, my spring break week. This week was just as much fun and hard work as the first. My love of Lakeshore increased as well as I helped out in the distribution center...seeing the severe need of the people still at that point.
I remember talking to a woman who had just returned to the area after evacuating 9 people and 2 dogs in a minivan just before the storm arrived. They were now living in a tent hoping for a FEMA camper to arrive.

There was a lot happening in the community and through the church that was great. Many folks were being helped with food and clothing as well as help in their homes, putting things back together, but the devastation was still very present all around us.
I hadn't given it as much thought as I do most big descisions in life, but I decided one day to talk with Pastor Don one day and ask him if I could come help out for the summer. I was graduating and hadn't found a job yet, so it would be a great time to do this. He said that would be great. So as soon as I arrived back in Wisconsin I began contacting the North American Mission Board to see what it would take to become a summer missionary.

Plans were made. I graduated May 13, 2006, my sister was married June 10 and I headed toward Lakeshore June 12. Arriving at 9:30pm for what would be one very busy but wonderful summer.

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