Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Journey to Lakeshore, Part 5

When I arrived in Lakeshore, I did realize what I was getting myself into. I thought I was going to come for the summer help out in any way I could, then go on from there and get a "real job". I remember a woman from West Virgina talking to me that first summer, asking if I had looked into the US/C2 program through NAMB. Honestly my thoughts at that point were, how can I decide if I want to stay here another 2 years...that is a serious commitment and a long one at that. Two years seemed like forever...what if I decided Lakeshore was too difficult or not for me.
Who would have guessed that the Lord laid it on my heart to stay "a little bit longer." First it was for a semester, then another semester. Then I decided I wanted to grow up a little and make more of a commitment, so I decided to stay for a year...thinking I would leave around June of 2008.

But the Lord got a hold of my heart and turned it totally toward Him and helping at Lakeshore Baptist Church. I went ahead and made the commitment to stay another 2 years as a US/C2 in the Spring of 08. Not seeing it now as a long time...actually now seems very short.

I am into the 8th month of that commitment and June of 2010 seems like it is fast approaching. I am not sure what the Lord's plans for me are after this appointment is over, but it is going to be very hard to leave Lakeshore (if I do) - a place that has become home for me. I can't begin to explain all that the Lord has done in my life while I have been in Lakeshore...that would take another 5-10 days of blog posts. But I'll leave you with this...He's been faithful and merciful, conforming me more into his likeness and has blessed me with a great pastor and church family here in Lakeshore.

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Paula said...

This post of yours brought tears to my eyes, Jamie. Altho I haven't seen you in person for nearly 2 years, I have witnessed your growth into a fine Christian woman thru your blog. I pray you continue to find His Grace + Faithfulness to sustain you in your Servanthood to Lakeshore.
God Bless.