Friday, January 16, 2009

Tiny house nearer to completion

Great things have taken place this week in Lakeshore. We've had about 150 skilled workers that have worked at around 25 different worksites. One place that has been inundated with volunteers this week is my little house, also known as the Missionary House. They have gotten a ton accomplished.

Last week Liz, Jayme, and Allison worked on tiling the house...They did a fabulous job. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the tile yet...Lord willing will post them soon.

Volunteers got the electric up and running in the I just need water and I will be set! Well, I guess a bathroom door would help too. There are a few things that need to be done. I came back and found a very percise listing of those things today.


dawnikeeisen said...

Awesome!! Looks great!!
You're probably looking forward to getting moved in? A new place to call home.

Paula said...

just curious...
Where is your little house located???