Thursday, August 27, 2009

Exposed before God

It is great to be back in Lakeshore and hearing the word preached. It had been two weeks since I was under anyone's preaching.

Last night as I listened to the sermon from Luke 6 I was extremely convicted. There were several things that got to me, but one thing in particular was being poor (in spirit as the gospel of Matthew records). This being recognizing that I am spiritually bankrupt, that I've got nothing and there is nothing I can do to earn favor before God.

Had that been the only thing preached, I would have said, sure I think I have come to that point. But then as Pastor Don continued to speak, he said in just a quick sentence that this is like being naked before God. That got me thinking.

What if I was naked in public, how humbling that would be to bare it all to the world. Thinking about things in that way, I would say that I have not totally come to realize that I am spiritually bankrupt. Yes I admit that I am a sinner and know that God has saved me, but daily do I bare those things to him? I think there is sometimes that I try to do things on my own, attempting to hide my weaknesses and sins from God...the only one who can conquer those things.

Another statement from the sermon related to baring it all was “Deep seeded happiness comes from a full admission of our sinfulness”....In other words the only way that I can truly be happy is by baring it all before God, coming clean of my sinfulness and confessing them before God.

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paula said...

those are some POWERFUL WORDS!!!