Saturday, August 08, 2009

Highlights from this summer

I wanted to share some of the highlights from my summer here in Lakeshore, I will try to be brief.
  • The last couple of weeks with Allison. (though her leaving wasn't a highlight, the time we got to spend together was.) BTW Al, you need to come back I am going through snow ball's pretty serious.
  • Setting up the event tent in June. That was the most dirty I've ever been in Lakeshore.
  • Learning/Directing/helping put up a fence on the church property.
  • Learning to tile floors
  • Watching the baptism of Tiffany, one of our church members.
  • Having my best friend from college come with a group from her church.
  • Meeting the hundreds of volunteers that had never been to Lakeshore before.
  • Reconnecting with the volunteers that returned to Lakeshore.
  • Watching people stretch themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of and succeeding.
  • Listening to Pastor Don preach the word. He wrapped up Ephesians, went through a series on the distinctions of a healthy church, and began preaching through the book of 1 John, in addition to the sermons in Luke we've been going through on Wednesday nights.
  • Seeing old friends whom I wish I could see a lot more.

1 comment:

Allison said...

I agree, I need to come back down for sure. Hopefully this fall it will work out.
P.S. remember you are always welcomed in Michigan as well!
Miss you :)