Friday, August 07, 2009

I'm back!!

Well...I never really went anywhere. But apparently totally slacked on the blogging.

Nearly a third of the year has past by since I blogged last...and now that I say that to myself it hits me it has been a long time. Therefore I will be brief and highlight some things in the coming days.

Much has happened in the last four months. Literally hundreds of volunteers have flowed through Lakeshore Baptist, several homes were completed, others started, and progress moved forward a great deal on the others.

We are moving forward on the new bunk house, Lord willing that will be near completion soon. We've also started on the Mercy House and we are looking forward to the great things God is going to use both of the buildings for.

I am certainly blessed to be a part of this ministry and the things that God is doing through us. The Lord did great things this summer, one being, He put together a great summer team in addition to the amazing team I already serve with. I am grateful for the long term summer volunteers He brought this way - Emily, Josh, Betsy, Sonja, Kristen, Jayme, Liz.

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Paula said...

Was wondering where you were...
Niceto have you back to keep us all informed.
God Bless.