Thursday, September 24, 2009

God's glory and depression

We're told you are not supposed to struggle
that Christ is in sovereign over all things.
I know that's true and believe it full
but from time to time I struggle still

Depression is that with which I battle
some days it gets me more than others.
some say it's all caused by sin
never can it be else than that.

I do sin and it does contribute
but must I rule out there must be more?
I wish there was a way to fix change it all
but it must be God's sovereign plan

I often fail to see why depression exists
but I know its for a reason
that God would be glorified above all things
in all life and emotions

I mustn't fall into woe is me
though often tempted to do so
Need to recognize the bigger picture
God's glory and sovereign rule.

I'm grateful for all life's struggles
as hard as they seem.
They ultimately sanctify the believer
and let God's glory be seen

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