Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Literacy and the Gospel

This past weekend's sermon at Lakeshore Baptist has really stirred me to prayer. My mind has constantly wandered back to what Pastor Don said Sunday while preaching from 1 John 2:12-16. He reminded us that God has revealed Himself in the written word, therefore literacy is a gospel issue. Being able to read allows us to know God through reading His word. There are a lot of thoughts I have on the topic of illiteracy. It breaks my heart to read the literacy statistics in the united states. I know Literacy is often thought of in third world countries especially when we think of taking the scriptures, translating, or translating a Bible for a group of people who have no written language.

Surprisingly illiteracy is a problem in the United States, but especially to where my heart is drawn, Mississippi. I knew there was a literacy problem, it's not been a sceret. But I was shocked when Pastor Don mentioned statisics (sea coast echo article & MS Department of Education ) from recent tests for elementary students. In our county almost 70% of the elementary students passed the profiency test in language arts. That means over 30% failed.

That number is alarming to me. There are a lot of other statistics linking literacy to crime, work, etc. Maybe I'll post some later.

This leaves me wondering and praying. What can do I to help? I see the importance of being able to read and growing in Christ through reading his word. Join me in prayer, pray that the Lord would reveal to me what it is that I can do. I want to see Hancock county come to faith in Christ and see each of them grow in their relationship with Him through reading His Word.

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