Sunday, November 01, 2009

Broken Silence - Ms. Lisa

I've never met Ms. Lisa, author of the Broken Silence blog, but I've been very encouraged by this wife and homeschooling mother of two. I check almost everyday to see if she has a new post up. I love reading her posts. She mixes hymns, theology, family, laughs, and helpful and encouraging snippets from books, scripture, blogs, and sermons.

I came across Broken Silence after Pastor Don had reconnected with his friend Tim, whom he went to high school with - Tim happens to be the husband of Ms. Lisa. I am sure glad to have gotten connected with this blog and can gain wisdom, insight, and sometimes just get a good laugh.

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Lisa said...

Thank you, Jamie! Your words have greatly encouraged me. Tim was so pleased to see Pastor Don a few weeks ago at their high school reunion. We continue to pray for your ministry there in Lakeshore that those you serve would come to see and savor our beautiful Savior. God bless!