Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lakeshore Baptist Children's Choir

The last Sunday of this month Lakeshore Baptist Church will be having the children's choir sing at the Sunday morning service. I am really looking forward to this, as are most of the children.

Pastor Don asked me about a year ago if I would be interested in leading a children's choir, I was a little hesitant at first but finally said I would. We began last winter, singing at the Easter service earlier this year. There was not a huge turn out in kids, though we had several that came very faithfully and we had a good time.

This semester I have been joined by Emily Elbourne, who is helping on piano, and a woman who recently began attending the church - Mrs. Joni. She is a school bus driver and has been very helpful in picking up children and just knowing many children and asking them to come. This semester has been very good so far. We have a many children join us in the choir, most of whom have never been to church here or anywhere.

I have had a great time with the kids this semester, as well as constantly learning. I have been streched in ways I wouldn't have thought. But it's been good.

When I was thinking about songs to sing I wanted the focus to be evident - Christ and the gospel. I was greatly encouraged by the music from Sovereign Grace Ministries and chose to use a couple of their songs this semester. One song that we've been singing and I think has become the favorite of the group is To Be Like Jesus.

To Be Like Jesus

Love, joy, peace, and patience too
Grow in those who trust in You
All who put their hope in Christ
Kindness, goodness, faithfulness
Self-control and gentleness
Live in those who have new life

I want to be like Jesus
To walk and talk like Jesus
I want to live like one who follows Him
I want to love like Jesus
To give my all like Jesus
I want to live like one who follows Him

I don’t always do what’s right
Jesus lived a perfect life
And for sins like mine He died
Teach me to obey Your Word
Help me to put others first
Holy Spirit, change my life

© 2009 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)/Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)

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Steve said...

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They tell another side.

Hope this helps.