Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Pipers - Molly Piper

John Piper is a well known pastor and speaker, his son Abraham Piper has become a well known blogger. While I am grateful for John Piper's ministry and enjoy reading Abraham Piper's blog 22 Words I really appreciate the blog The Pipers written by Abraham's wife, Molly Piper.

Molly Piper blogs on many topics ranging from family, life's issues, crafts, books, home renovations, and possibly the saddest but most helpful - especially to those in a similar situation - is the still birth of her daughter Felicity and the grief that follows. I can't say enough about the blog, how much I appreciate her honesty in happiness and grief, her practicality of many of the posts (I've even learned how to fold a fitted sheet!)

I recommend The Pipers blog to anyone, especially women, those seeking godly wisdom from other Christian women, those grieving the loss of a child, those looking for practical ideas, mothers, young ladies hoping to be mothers...basically any woman.

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