Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Priorities, knees, and raising support

Besides the random blog post it's obviously been awhile since I put any thought into blogging. There are multiple reasons, but primarily it hasn't been a high priority for me. The last few months have been a bit of a ride for me, but God has been faithful and gracious in my hurt, happiness, confusion, delight, and even my sin. Lord willing and if I am able to keep my priorities straight I will be blogging more frequently again.

Though I will be trying to blog more frequently, over then next few months I will be going through some changes, so we'll see how the blogging goes. But as for me....

I'm not sure yet when it will be, but my fourth knee surgery will be sometime in the next couple weeks. My doctor will go in, take a look around and be prepared to fix anything that is needing fixing. My recovery time will depend on what needs to be fixed. I am hoping it is not my acl that needs replacing, which I have had replaced twice before. Though it is my fear that it is the acl.

The biggest change for me will come this May when I wrap my 2 years as a US/C2 missionary with the North American Mission Board. With that I will lose the stipend NAMB and the Mississippi Baptist Convention have so graciously blessed me with as well as the medical insurance offered through NAMB as a US/C2. I am unable to serve another appointment as a US/C2, the only other option I've been given with NAMB is as a self-supported missionary.

I've prayerfully considered my options as it is my desire to stay in Lakeshore, serving the Lord and the Lakeshore community. I've decided to stay in Lakeshore and try to raise the support apart from NAMB to stay. I am looking at needing to raise about $800 a month to take care of my expenses. I've begun sending out support letters, praying the Lord would see fit to provide for my needs to stay in Lakeshore. It is my goal by July to have at least 70% of the funds raised or pledged. Below is a copy of my newsletter and support form:

Support Letter

Support Form

If I have not sent you a letter and you feel led to support me through prayer or financially and receive emailed updates and newsletters please fill out one of the support forms and mail it to:
Lakeshore Baptist Church
PO Box 293
Lakeshore, MS 39558

Thursday, March 25, 2010

God is God and God is good

"This I do know; If God chooses to heal me then God is God and God is good. If God chooses not to heal me and allows me to die; God is still God and God is still good. To God be the glory." Zac Smith

Hear him tell his testimony:

The Story of Zac Smith from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

To God be the glory!