Friday, October 29, 2010

Why I appreciate my pastor and his wife

Before I was a Christian I thought being a pastor would be a cush job...Sit around, go visit people, preach a few minutes on Sunday morning, do funerals and weddings. I know much better now that that is not the case, at least for my pastors. I realize that the work/service they do is much more than that. I know that I do not know all they deal with, the joys and the struggles. But I do know that it's not just a job that you check in at 8 and out at 5 and don't really have to think about when you go home.

There are a lot of things I could say about my pastor, but these are a few specifics reasons I appreciate him and thank God for placing him in Lakeshore and giving him a heart to proclaim the gospel and reach the community.
  • He is dedicated to glorifying and exalting Christ.
  • He decided to stay at Lakeshore Baptist Church when there was nothing here but the Lord, His Word, and the members of Lakeshore Baptist Church
  • He sincerely loves the local body of believers and the gulf coast community.
  • He loves the Word of God, committed to the doctrines of grace, preaches the Word expositionally, and proclaims the gospel in every sermon.
  • He loves his wife and his children,
  • He's a great leader and takes seriously the shepherding of the flock and caring for our souls.
  • He's led this small congregation to have a heart for mercy ministry married with the gospel.
  • He's not only pastor, but also contractor, architect, counselor, friend, father, husband, mentor...the list could go on.
  • He stands firm to the Truth in the hard times and doesn't break to meet the complaints just to make people happy, but he listens to the concerns and questions of the congergation and addresses what does arise.
  • He has a heart to see all in Hancock County come to Christ.
I could not go without mentioning Courtney, Pastor Don's wife. I've learn a pastors wife's 'job' is not always easy. She see her husband and her pastor in his highest and lowest moments. I could go on an on about Courtney as well, so this is no where near an exhaustive list but a few reasons I appreciate her.
  • She's taught me a lot in many areas of life
  • She's a great wife and mother.
  • She's loves God's word.
  • She stands firm in truth and doesn't beat around the bush to make sure truth is known.
  • She's been there for me in tough times.
Thank you both, Don and Courtney for your service to God and Lakeshore Baptist Church. Love you guys.

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