Friday, June 24, 2011


Sometimes I just have to try things because I can. So tonight I decided I was going to go crabbing off the pier in Lakeshore. I've only ever been crabbing once in my life and I wasn't the one even doing anything. But I was feeling a desire to go and knowing if wouldn't be all that expensive to get started I decided to go for it.

I ran to walmart to pick up my supplies:
1. Crab nets
2. Chicken

Since the crab nets were only $2.16 a piece I decided I'd get 4. I ran back to the church to get my bucket and cooler and fill up on ice then I was off.

I had a great time sitting and watching people as I waited to periodically pull up my nets to see if there were any crabs taking the bait. It was one of the most relaxing things I have done in a long time and for about $15 (most of that for the start up cost of the nets) it was well worth it. I am looking
forward to hitting the pier in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

Thrilled to see you up + blogging again Jamie ;>)
5 posts w/in the past 2 weeks. Phew! lol.
And yes, crabbing is a very relaxing pasttime.
Your Maryland friend,