Thursday, June 15, 2006

church site

Here are some of the pictures that I said I'd try to put up. Most of these are changes that have happened since Rolling Hills came in March. The church has also been able to move onto the propertries next to the church thanks to donations that allowed them to buy the lots.

The first one is of the new church office. Though it is not complete yet. Once it is finished it will serve as a bigger and better office than the camper that is used for the office currently, which is also where Pastor Don sleeps. It will also be the first permanent building on the church site.

The second is of the kitchen and the eating area. The area on the right was not here the last time the group from RHC was down, also if you look carefully (those of you who were here in march) you’ll see that there has been more added on to the screened in kitchen on the left. There is also a semi trailer that serves as storage and cooking room.

This is a picture of the expanded part of the kitchen from the inside.

This is a picture of the new shower/bathroom trailer. The trailer has a men’s side and a women’s side and also washer and dryers for the volunteers in the middle.

This is the room that I sleep in.

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Jef said...

You have got some really nice digs there. I'll bet that the weather is quite nice....