Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm here

Well, I made it safely down here and in record time (having one person equals fewer pit stops along the way) After leaving at 4:40 am, making my way down the country (plus a little “detour” in other words a wrong turn-that set me back about 25 minutes oops!) I arrived around 9:30pm and found the room where I’ll be staying for the summer. They had it all set up for me with bed light and alarm clock and a few other little “homey” touches. There were also some other teams here this week. The people that I met right away were from a church in Alabama (actually they were from the church where Donald Macon (Felicia’s (my pastor’s wife) brother) goes. I have yet to see Donald though, but I reckon I see him in the morning.

Thank you to everyone who was praying for safe travel. My ride down went smoothly, my car didn’t break down, and I was able to stay awake and alert the whole time. Praise God for His faithfulness to answer prayer!

I’m glad to be here and excited about getting to work. However, the bugs are still much fun. Though I haven’t run into biting gnats just the mosquitoes…Must remember to wear the bug spray! I haven’t asked yet whether or not one can use the water from the sink to brush teeth…but I’ll use bottle water just to be sure.

Things around the church grounds have changed a lot since the team came down in March. Then I remember back to January when there was even less. Things have come a long way around here. I’ll try to get some pictures up of the site and new things. The kitchen has grown a lot (cooking area and eating area). There is a new shower house that has a couple of showers for the men and bathrooms as well - Same thing for the ladies. And in the trailer is two nice washer and dryers. So the showers and bathrooms keep multiplying trust me that’s a good thing.

Though I know I won’t post this until Tuesday I am going to stop writing…that way I’ll have more to write tomorrow…and so I can get myself to bed.

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