Thursday, June 15, 2006

Second Day's work

Again I apologize for the lack of communication. I have been trying to figure out why my computer isn’t working correctly. Today I did get a couple more tasks. I worked in the food distribution center (the store) trying to get rid of a bunch of donated milk in little milk cartons. I bagged them up for most of the day and handed them out.

I also drove around with Greg London, the project coordinator, to see some of the sites that that church is working on. I got to see some of the great work that has been done on some of the houses. It is fun to see when people have hope that their lives will get back to some normalcy sometime (or at least get into their house). One of the places we stopped today, I forget the names of the people, Greg said their house was terrible after the storm and the family lost hope. But Greg and others went in to assess what could be done with it. And today when we were there one of the first things the woman said was I got pictures hung on the wall. The pictures on the wall had given her hope that this house was actually turning into their home. It was great just to see the smile that was one her face when she told us about the pictures.

There are so many great things happening down here and it is hard to put it all in to words. Prayers are being answered. Here’s just one example from today. We had run out of OSB board and went sure what we were going to do about it. But not much later, Greg got a call from someone who asked what our greatest need was right then, Greg told him OSB board, and the man said ok and to go get some.


The Sternitzkys said...

Hey Jamie,

John and I are thinking about you, and I intend to put you on our list of people to pray for. I'm excited to know you have a blog that we can be checking!

The Sternitzkys

Jef said...

Good to see that you are there and hard at work. I'm praying for you.