Sunday, March 18, 2007

pudding break reflections

While I stop for a pudding break, I was thinking about the amount of volunteers that have come in just today. This morning there was a small group of guys here from Northern Mississippi, at lunch time there was really no volunteers, and tonight before I go to bed there will be somewhere around 125 volunteers and by morning an expected 170. It's been exciting to see this place fill up within just a few hours, knowing that the amount of work they will begin in the morning will be pretty significant.

Alright pudding break is over...but here are a few pictures from this weekend of Harmony Baptist Church helping pour concrete into the walls of a home.

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Paula said...

So glad you were specific in your caption or we could have thought that was pudding he was pouring!!!
HAHAHAHAHA ~~~ just thought I'd lighten your caseload up w/ a little bit of light humor...
okay okay ~~~ very light humor (smile)