Friday, March 16, 2007

randomness among the chaos of my mind

Since my paper hasn't begun to write itself,
I'll make things short...

- One paper down, one to go.-
-One week to go before NOBTS spring break-
-The ladies Bible studies have completed their books,
we're praying for direction for coming months-
-One busy, yet productive week has gone by,
with 100 volunteers and several homes worked at-
-170 volunteers will arrive Sunday and Monday,
working on about 14 differnt projects beginning Monday morning-
-Systematic Theology class is going well,
this week we're looking at God's providence-
-this week's most relevant blog post, at least to relevant to me,
is found at the solo feminity blog-
So with that I'm off to bed for the night.

One last piece of randomness...

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Anonymous said...

Hadn't thought of sleep in quite that way before...thanks for the link....I expect you tend to push the envelope in regards to do many people!