Friday, March 30, 2007

What's in store for me?

I returned to MS last night after a great week seeing family and friends in Wisconsin and getting some very much needed rest. It was great to be there, but I am glad to be back.

And here's that update I've been's a bit long...letting me know I should update the folks supporting and praying for me more we go...

The month of March is about to wrap up, concluding my ninth month here at Lakeshore Baptist Church. Things are moving along and volunteers continue to flow into the area. In fact, the last two weeks alone we have hosted roughly 270 volunteers. Progress is being made. It seems slow but when I sit back at the end of the week and realize how many big and small things were accomplished it is pretty amazing.

Recently, Mrs. Lambert was able to move into her trailer. We have been working on her trailer for several months and finally were able to get every thing finished inside and put a porch on the front. She is very happy and excited to finally be out of the cramped FEMA camper and into her own place.

There are a few other homes that don’t lack much before getting in. But what I’ve realized it’s the small things that take the longest. But Lord willing we’ll be getting some other folks in their homes before too long.

Right now we have about 25 major projects that we are sending volunteers out to work on and other miscellaneous projects that we hear about through the distribution center and from people stopping in at the church office. Some of the projects include framing, hanging/finishing sheetrock, painting, plumbing, electrical, finish carpentry, flooring, debris clean up and burning, yard clean up, and basically anything else you can think of involving rebuilding homes.

The distribution center here on the church property is still seeing well over 1,000 people a week and continues to be one of the only distribution centers around. We remain open Wednesday through Saturday from 9-3. Ms. Lynn, Ms. Bea and the other ladies continue to work tirelessly to keep the distribution center open and well stocked.

I have been blessed by my time here in Lakeshore and have enjoyed meeting thousands of volunteers and many of the people in the community. This semester I have also been given the opportunity to take a class at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where I have been taking Systematic Theology. I have made it through the first half of the semester and have really enjoyed that class and the opportunity to increase my knowledge and understanding of some specific doctrines. I look forward to the rest of the semester.

Last fall I began leading two women’s Bible studies, we just wrapped up the study “Pursuing God” by Jim Elliff and are praying and talking about where to go next. I have been very encouraged by the women who were coming to the studies and their enthusiasm to grow in knowledge and discipline and to grow in their relationship with their creator.

I appreciate everyone who has prayed for me and supported me the past nine months. It’s really been encouraging to me to know there are folks praying for me and this has sustained me when I have a rough day or am overly tired. I ask for and covet your prayers for the following months as I continue with school and serving here at the church.

I have been giving a lot of thought to what is to follow this semester. After praying for the Lord’s direction, He has answered my prayers and I believe it’s the Lord’s will for me to continue serving here in Lakeshore. So, I have made a commitment to stay at the church until June of 2008. I will continue to serve in the same way that I serve now: answering phones, arranging trips for volunteers, planning sleeping arrangements, assisting with lining up teams at jobs sites, and all the other little random things that I’m asked to do.

I look forward to the upcoming year and all that the Lord has in store for the Lakeshore community. I covet your prayers as I continue to serve here in Lakeshore not only for myself, but for Lakeshore Baptist Church and the rebuilding ministry.

For me:
Multiplied rest/sleep
Diligence with my time in the word and in prayer
Flexibility, which helps with patience and stress
An accountability partner

For the church:
For Pastor Don as he shepherds the flock
For the church members to grow in their relationship with the Lord as they face difficulties, joys, and in all circumstances

For rebuilding ministry:
The Lord would continue to draw people to the Gulf Coast
The Lord would change the hearts of people whose homes we are working in.
For the staff and full time volunteers (Pastor Don, JoEll, James)


Paula said...

AMEN, Sister!!!
So-o-o-o glad to hear we'll be seeing YOU, too when we return to Lakeshore this Summer. Praise God for answered prayers + your discernment. Sometimes it is so hard to "sit still + listen" as Our Father requires.
I continue to be thrilled for you as you grow in your walk w/ the Lord + I love reading your blog entries, especially the serious ones. Your passion for the Lord's Word is evident in your stepping out in Faith + leading the women of Lakeshore in Bible Studies while studying Theology yourself. I'm sure your parents are proud!!
Prayers will continue to cover you, Pastor Don + the entire community of Lakeshore, Mississippi with the Precious Blood of Our Risen Savior.
Now --- get some rest, Jamie!

Nathan White said...

Amen, too! You staying another year is great news!! The Lord-knows that you are needed there...