Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cottage Rocked

I can't express the thanks that I wish I could to the teams that have come to Lakeshore and gave their time to work on my little home, when there are still so many things in the community that are going on and need to be done. I am grateful for the hard work and dedication to that work that has gone into the progress of my cottage. I am excited as the work progresses and as I am getting closer and closer to getting in.

These guys from Jones County Mississippi worked diligently hanging the sheet rock. The last day they even arrived 2 hours before the rest of the teams got started in order to hang as much rock as they could.
I was surprised this week when I walked out to my house to see that it had been taped and looked great. I am not sure when it got done, but I have a hunch it was a man from West University Baptist Church from Houston, TX.

I was able to get out to my house today and sand some of the mud...Hopefully I will have a little time tomorrow afternoon to get back out there.


Brit said...

this is exciting!! yay! its lookin goood

Dan said...

It's very good to see your house is coming along so well. Now it looks more like a home than bare bones.
Look forward to seeing more progress.