Friday, July 11, 2008

Mars Hill Doctrine Series

This past week I had a little extra drive time as I was dog sitting and as a commitment to myself I wanted to make the most of the time that I had to grow spiritually in my relationship with the Lord. The majority of my time was spent listening to sermons. I listened to the sermons from the 2008 Founders Conference and then began in on The Doctrine Series preached by Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill in Seattle. For the most part I found this to be a great series a definitely worth listening to. I've made it through all but three of them and I look forward to hearing what Driscoll will bring to us from the scriptures.

Trinity: God is
Revelation: God Speaks
Creation: God Makes
Image: God Loves
Fall: God Judges
Covenant: God Pursues
Incarnation: God Comes
Cross: God Dies
Resurrection: God Saves
Church: God Sends
Worship: God Transforms
Stewardship: God Gives
Kingdom: God Reigns

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