Sunday, June 19, 2011

Four month recap

Wow, 4 months since my last blog post. Much has happened in that time. It'd take me far too many blog posts to tell everything, but here's a brief update.
  • In February I took part in a Biblical Counseling Training Seminar offered at our church.
  • We had eight great weeks of spring break teams, hosting around 400 volunteers in March and April.
  • My sister came to visit. I had a great time showing her around Lakeshore and New Orleans.
  • I've been praying for God's leading on whether I should stay in Lakeshore or move back to Wisconsin since my funding is running out.
  • I made a visit to Wisconsin. Had one interview while I was in Madison, but have not been offered the job.
  • Most recently I've really been considering raising support for another 6 months in Lakeshore, though I've not made this decision as of now.
  • This week will be the start of our fourth week of volunteers this summer. It's been great and very productive thus far and I'm look forward each day to see what the Lord will do.
  • Pastor Don continues to preach through Titus. The Lord has been using these texts and sermons to really speak to me, challenge me, and encourage me to examine myself.
  • We've had a very helpful young lady, Erin Allison, from Georgia join us for the month of June on our team leading volunteer teams and doing anything else we need done around here.
  • In the life of our church we've had a couple families join as members, we continue to have great attendance at our senior adult luncheons, our plans for the fellowship hall are well under way, and we've completed the building of the Mercy house and we had our grand opening with a coupon seminar and dinner on the grounds.
The Lord is doing great things here and I'm ready to see what it is the Lord has in store for the coming months, what he does in the life of the church, which direction He leads me, what He does in the lives of the people in our community whose homes we work on and in the lives of each of the volunteers.

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