Monday, September 04, 2006

It's Monday...

It's Labor Day and the teams have gone home, but not without a lot getting accomplished. It's been a productive weekend here in Lakeshore. We had a few teams in this weekend and they tackled Ms. Lynn'’s and Ms. Lambert'’s houses. At Ms. Lynn's house they put up all the sheetrock and mudded the rock too.

At Ms. Lambert's they constructed a roof that went over the top of her trailer. In about 2 days they got it constructed and even got it shingled. They also worked on some of the wiring and began putting up sheetrock. One of the teams also put a new tarp roof on the kitchen here are the church. There has also been a team from Star Baptist Church in Star, MS coming faithfully for the past few weekends. They have been diligently working at Mr. Malcolm'’s house.

To add to the fun, Sunday night Pastor Don, Stephen Ake, Nathan & Courtney White, Joey (a NOBTS student), Daniel, and I went over to Long Beach to see Jars of Clay perform. Pretty sure I had a blast. Not only did I enjoy the concert I enjoyed the fellowship we had while waiting for the concert to start at the trip to and from Long Beach.


Nathan White said...

Hey Jamie, we really enjoyed the fellowship as well. Thanks for all the kindness.

Oh, and why don't you tell your readers exactly where you and Don watched the concert from? Was it the mosh pit?? [sigh], I guess we are just too Southern Baptist to participate in a thing like that! :) Just kidding!


Anonymous said...

Hardly can be called Christian music.