Friday, September 22, 2006

Mr. Howee's home

It’s been a bustling week here in Lakeshore. We have several teams here this week working in a number of different homes.

We have begun work on another home this week. It is at the home of Mr. Howee. Mr. Howee is an older gentleman here in Lakeshore who gets around with a wheelchair. He and his wife stayed during the storm and were forced to the attic as the water rose. Their home had obvious water damage as well as other storm damage. There had been a team from another church in town that came to gut it out a while back, but now the house was in need of being rebuilt. We began work on Mr. Howee’s home this past Wednesday and the team from Batesville, MS that was put on it was serious about getting work done. Since they began they have taken the siding off, taken the tin roof off, taken the cabinets out, replaced some beams in the floor, put down plywood for the floor, put in most if not all of the wiring, got the roof ready enough to put singles on (which they have also begun) and getting the back side of the house level.

Mr. Howee's house before.

Mr. Howee's house today

More work has also been done on Ms. Lynn’s home. This week the floor was put down in here living room and kitchen. There was also another door installed.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up some posts and thoughts. I check this out every day now. My family and I are looking forward to seeing you again in November. Can't wait to get working in Lakeshore again! We pray for you-all every day. Bill & Claudia Lang