Friday, September 29, 2006

Since pictures are worth more than I can write...

The sound of saws, nail guns, and hammers is all around this week. With a few differnt projects going on. And since pictures, they say, are worth a thousand words, I'll be breif and just post some pictures. Mr. Floyd is here with a crew from Georgia framing up a couple of houses. They began the week framing up the Lizana's house. I tell you this group of guys is pretty amazing. They had the Lizana's house framed up in pretty much 2 - 12 hour days.

They then started on Ms. Bea and James' house. They continue to work hard on their home coming into this weekend.

I am also enjoying the fellowship this week of 3 men from Rolling Hills Church, my home church in Wisconsin. They have been working on building a few sheds here on the property and getting the Quonset Hut ready for sleeping the volunteers in the coming weeks.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME PICS, Jamie!!! Thank you!! So glad to see people working on Ms Bea's house now, too! amen amen...See you in November ;>)